Whether learning from school or from a distance, practicing healthy behaviors every day strengthens the immune system, fuels academic performance, and reduces stress.

HEAL is proud to help educators, students, and families teach and practice healthy behaviors that are fun and effective. The methods taught through HEAL are evidence-based and proven to support mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

HEAL resources are available at no cost and made possible due to generous funding partners and donors who care about our community.

These easy to follow samples from the HEAL curriculum offer activities that are sequential in nature and engaging for the whole family. For more tips, tools, and inspiration please browse our entire website. Healthy living is better when we practice together. We welcome you to unite with us and join the HEAL movement.

Christy Swaid, Founder & CEO

The HEAL curriculum is sequential in nature going from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum. Choose the level most appropriate for your students.


Grades K-3


Grades K-3


Grades 4-6


Grades 4-6