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Has someone in your life helped you get healthier?

Your HEAL Hero is a friend, family member, coach, or anyone who has positively influenced your Healthy Eating Active Living lifestyle.  Any changes they helped you make – big or small – are important and we want to hear about it!

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My HEAL Hero is my grandma. She and I walk to the playground every day after school and she lets me help plan what kind of healthy food we should have for dinner. 

Regina, age 9

My HEAL Hero is my softball coach. He reminds me to practice every day and points out how much stronger and faster I’m getting.

Ariana, age 14

My HEAL Hero is my dad. He had a heart attack last year and after that he started taking health seriously. He started doing our grocery shopping and now he makes sure we always have fruits and vegetables to snack on.

Lucas, age 16

A HEAL Hero is someone who embraces the HEAL way of life by making genuine healthy lifestyle changes and, by example, inspires others to lead a Healthy Eating Active Living way of life.

Anyone can be a HEAL Hero.

Break down health barriers, Build healthy solutions, and help others live the HEAL way too!